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School Workshops

Stand Up 101: Comedy & Confidence

Duration: 2 hours (can be held up to three times in one day)
Max Students: 30 per workshop
Certificate: emailed after workshop

Stand Up 101: Comedy & Confidence introduces students to Stand Up Comedy.

Students will be introduced to the tips and tricks of Stand Up Comedy enabling them

to unlock their own creativity and gain confidence with public speaking.

What's Covered:

  • What is Stand-Up Comedy

  • Different styles of Stand Up Comedy

  • Fun Group Games 

  • How a Joke Works

  • How to Write your Own Original Jokes

  • Public Speaking and Handling Nerves

  • How to Tell a Compelling Story

Lesson Plan:

  1. Workshop layout.

  2. Warm up activities

  3. Different Stand Up styles

  4. Generate material exercise

  5. Mechanics of a Joke

  6. Editing material

  7. Dealing with nerves when speaking in public

  8. First Ever Stand Up Performance 

Student Testimonials 

“I loved when we were doing the story line with the class it was great fun and how the instructor was very nice and funny and made everyone’s day. It was my fav workshop so far this year, the workshop facilitator was so funny”

“It was fun and different to other previous workshops”

"I wish it was longer. It was so fun and different and I loved it"

“We were visited by the magical comedy fairy named Brian Gallagher. he taught us about stand up comedy. we learned how to write one-liner jokes and how to make stories from our lives comical. very interesting and informative”

Teacher Testimonials 

“The student’s and I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop...with Brian. Really lifted their spirits and was very interesting and entertaining.”

“Brian’s upbeat and engaging personality was ideal for a virtual event, which engaged all the TYs. They loved the day and we will definitely have Brian back next year.”

“Very interactive, fun and something different for TYs.... Definitely good for building confidence and getting them out of their comfort zone. Great value for money!”

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